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Strobe Mux III - 16 Channel 20ma

20mA/RS232/422 Strobe Mux III Card, Panel & Power Supply* (P/N 9565-16CPP)

16 serial port ISA compatible card connected by 4.8 ft (1.5m) cable and terminated as male DB25 connectors on external panel 7.6" high x 13" wide x 1" deep (193 x 330 x 25mm).  User-configurable for 20 mA current loop, RS-232, or RS-422 modes. Eight communication rates from 110 through 38,400 Baud. 20 mA current loop maximum rate is 9,600 Baud

* Power supply not pictured.
* For Hawk systems more than 32 ports requires a Floating Point Board option.

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