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Introducing Strobe Data Inc.

Located in Washington State's Puget Sound high tech corridor not far from Microsoft headquarters, Strobe Data Inc is a 40 year-old company which designs and manufactures the Hawk Co-Processor, a PC add-in board, sold internationally as a replacement for Data General's 16 bit minicomputers, and the Osprey Co-Processor, a similar product targeted to Digital Equipment Corporation's PDP-11 minicomputer users. (more)
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Introducing Our Customers

Most Strobe products arrive at end-user destinations through Strobe's world-wide VAR/OEM network. (See VARs). A number of government agencies here in the US and overseas have dealt directly with the company, as have many widely recognized Fortune 1000 entities. We believe nearly all major electronics manufacturers use one or more forms of Strobe co-processors in their manufacturing processes. Strobe co-processors proliferate in defense industry test equipment. NASA relies on Strobe equipment to test booster rockets. Automobiles are manufactured with the help of Strobe products. A dairy operation in Russia and a mine in Nova Scotia depend on Strobe co-processors. Trains in Australia are routed with the help of Strobe co-processors. Beverly Hills florists place orders with a Dutch flower auction using Strobe co-processors. Airline pilots have been trained on Strobe co-processor powered simulators. Bank and stock market transactions, hotel reservations, weather display – the list goes on and on. Customer List

Introducing Our Employees

When we say Strobe is a "small" company, we mean SMALL – as in 15-20 people, small. This is a close-knit group with overlapping skills and a strong sense of community. All but three of us have been with the company for more than 7 years.

Engineers make up over half the company, including Strobe president, Willard West. Even our marketing/sales personnel have engineering backgrounds. One full time production manager relies on the expertise of a full time purchasing agent/inventory manager who also lends a hand with a soldering iron when production demand requires it.

The operations part of the company is led by Vera West. She oversees a staff of multi-talented people, taking, scheduling and shipping orders, managing accounts, doing the bookkeeping, filing, answering phones and keeping the refrigerator stocked. Mrs. West, the company's COO, is in charge of all processess from manufacturing through paying the IRS.

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