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Osprey /DXP Co-Processor

Osprey /DXP (P/N 9740-D)

Double speed Windows™ Osprey Co-Processor for two times the system throughput, or more. Occupies one PCI slot. A writable control store, FPGA implementation of the PDP-11 architecture with 4 MBytes of tightly coupled, zero wait-state memory. Includes FPJ11® compatible hardware floating point. Performance equivalent 2.0 times the DCJ-11® and 100%; of FPJ-11. On-card x86 microprocessor rapidly processes "virtual" I/O instructions. PCI bus speeds increase disk throughput by at least a factor of ten. Qbus®/Unibus® support logic for non-emulated devices is provided on-board with connector to wide bandwidth fibrechannel Qbus or Unibus adapter. Operates only under Windows™. Support license included.

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