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Custom OEM Chassis

5.25" RMOC

Dimensions: 5.25" high by 19" wide by 20" deep (134 x 483 x 508 mm), this chassis is FCC/CE certifiable**.
Power: A 100-120/200-240 VAC, 47-63Hz input system power supply delivers +5@45, +12@13, -5@0.5 and -12@1.0 VDC@Amps.
Capacity: A quad-height Qbus backplane, cooling fans, and slides are provided, diskette and hard drives (two visible 5.25" and two hidden 3.5" bays), and up to four quad-height Qbus compatible cards. A passive PCI / ISA PC backplane uses a standard PC SBC, sold separately.
Notes: Unit slides into Digital's BA23 rack cabinet or standard pedestal.

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