Keyport Washington


Application:MK540,MK641 Torpedo Tester

Legacy Computer: HP1000 E-Series, HP1000 A-Series

Strobe Solution: Kestrel Co-Processor, LIC,


  Description: NUWC-Keyport is one of two Naval Undersea Warfare Centers for NAVSEA, which covers the sea-based operations of the United States Navy. NUWC-Keyport provides engineering support services for undersea warfare systems, countermeasures, and sonar systems used by NAVSEA and foreign allies of the USA . The Underwater Vehicle Group at NUWC-Keyport must engineer ATE systems along with test set design for specific ordinance hardware as well as maintain those test systems to guarantee reliability of the weapon systems for the US Navy. The test systems evaluate torpedo status for a number of torpedo families in  dynamic and static conditions at several stations using a variety of test sets. In addition, support operations for manufacturing, repair and re-test have to be maintained, not only for the US Navy, but to international customers of NAVSEA’s products, as well.