NASA - Deep Space Network

Goldstone California , Madrid Spain , Canberra Australia

Application: Radio Telescope Master Controller (MC) & Ranging Slave Controller (RER)

Legacy Computer: PDP-11/73

Solution: Strobe 5.25”RMOC Osprey SX 60 Hz Signal on Qbus



 Description: The RER is a composite system (group of systems) made up of several, interrelated subsystems that constitute the RF section of the operational floor The RER includes up to six (normally four)      Multifunction Receivers (MFR), one dual channel S-Band Exciter (SBE), the Ranging Equipment (RE), the RER switch and two PDP11/73 microcomputers (The Master Controller (MC) and the RE Slave Controller    ( RSC).  During spacecraft support, the MC is responsible for supervising the other subsystems and reporting their status to the station controller and system operator.