Strobe Data Utilities

adinit.exeInitialize SCSI disks for Osprey ASPIDISK access Version 1.00
diskit.exeBreak DOS installation files onto multiple diskettes
fdb0.exeFDB0 will create a bootable DB0 image and configuration file from a .SV file.
fdiskimg.exeMakes disk images from diskettes, or vice versa.
fformat.exeFormats RX50 style floppies.
fgrep.exesearch within files
filcom.exeFilcom will compare two or more files for differences.
finit.exeFinit will delete all files and directories from a floppy in either drive A: or drive B:.
finstall.exefinstall creates an installation module.
fixstat.exeFixStat will display the statistics as compiled by FixWatch.
fixwatch.exeDOS TSR to record disk activity.
fmen1403.exeBatch file menu system creator.
fmode.exeDOS utility to set COM1-COM4 to any specified baud rate.
fsetup.exeDOS utility to preserve and verify CMOS setup information.
fsxfer.exeFsxfer is a DOS serial line transfer program.
ftestpc.exeDOS utility to check various parts of a system.
mimepkg.exeCommand line MIME encoding / decoding.
pkz204g.exeShareware PKZip version 2.04g
rdosfsxf.exeRDOS filetape for FSXFER
smxiii.exeStrobe Mux III software.
tar.exeCommand line TAR package
uuexe521.zipCommand line UU encoding / decoding.
which.exeUtility to locate files in the path.